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International experience is a key to success in our increasingly interdependent and changing world. In 2021, the U.S. Department of State and American Councils for International Education announced the inaugural year of the Future Leaders Exchange Abroad (FLEX Abroad) program. After nearly three decades of success welcoming international students to the United States through the FLEX program, we are now offering a new opportunity for U.S. citizens to go abroad. Participation in FLEX Abroad provides a unique fully funded exchange experience for American high school students to build global awareness and intercultural competency. Participants experience personal growth and participate in promoting global mutual understanding through their direct interaction with another culture. If you would like to read what alumni and current participants say about the impact exchange has had on them, please explore our sister programs: Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) Abroad and National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y).

FLEX Abroad appreciates the key role that educators play in fostering interest in global issues and encouraging students to participate in opportunities that expand their world. We welcome American high school student applicants interested in being an exchange student in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, or Romania for the academic year. Thank you in advance for sharing information about the FLEX Abroad program with your student body.

Please feel free to contact American Councils for International Education at or 1-800-380-6552 if you:


  1. Would like additional information or program promotional materials

  2. Know and wish to refer any students who may be good candidates for a FLEX Abroad scholarship

  3. Are interested in opportunities for educators to partner with program staff, participants or alumni to provide virtual exchange opportunities or program information sessions.

FLEX Abroad Brochure

Download the program brochure to share with your students and school! 

“A former student of mine was a recipient of a YES Abroad scholarship. Once she returned, she took the time to come to speak to my Spanish classes, to share her experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina through YES Abroad. She is special and was always mature beyond her years, but she was able to really inspire my students to consider a non-traditional path to travel and cultural immersion...I will tell you that on a personal level, I look forward to my own two children applying for a YES Abroad scholarship once they are old enough!”

Tara A.
Spanish Teacher of YES Abroad student

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